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We all want to improve our piano technique - to increase our sense of capability at the keyboard, and to help our students do the same. But what does “piano technique” mean to you?


Do you sense the weight of your arm as you play? Does this help your sound and your sense of agility? Or might it make you feel cumbersome and sluggish instead? Have you ever tried to increase your finger action but failed because of a perceived physical limitation? Is moving your fingers an isolated issue for you, or is the way you move them always related to a musical sound image? Is there any one completely effective way to pass the thumb under in scales?


over the thumbNew solutions to age-old problems in piano technique


These are just a few of the issues facing us in piano technique, a complex and often contradictory body of knowledge and method shared by millions of pianists the world over. This site offers new solutions to some age-old problems – solutions derived from cutting edge research into virtuoso performance that also bear important implications for the beginning pianist.


Canadian pianist Alan Fraser has spent the last 40 years working with pioneer pedagogue Phil Cohen and world-acclaimed virtuoso Kemal Gekić to develop his Craft of Piano Method, which addresses traditional questions of piano technique in radically new ways. Read on to find out more about Fraser's new approach to piano technique.