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Here are some of the many fine sites on piano technique to be found on the World Wide Web. The approaches vary widely, but there is some truth to be found in each of them. Figuring out which approaches work for you is one way of evolving your technique. Feldenkrais states that the brain, in order to learn, must try out the 'wrong ways' as well. It's a necessary part of the process - the neurological processing of distinctions.


Detailed Hand Anatomy for Pianists - Michael Furstner

What Every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body - Thomas Mark
Mastering Piano Technique - Seymour Fink

Piano Power - Richard Prokop
Freeing the Caged Bird - Barbara Lister-Sink
Coordinate Motion Piano Technique: The Taubman Method with Edna Golandsky

The Well-Balanced Pianist - Taubman Technique
Mechanically Informed Piano Technique
Piano Technique Demystified
Pianist to Pianist
Fundamentals of Piano Practice

A Basic Guide to Proper Piano Technique

Fundamentals of Piano Practice

The Fundamental Action in Piano Technique