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The Alan Fraser Piano Institute will add a new dimension to your piano technique. The primary goal is to open up the sound of the piano, to enrich its orchestral capabilities and to bring an added dimension of virtuosity to your playing. You will leave the Institute more capable in terms of your strength, your velocity, your sensitivity, your physical comfort and ease, but but the most telling change will be in your sound: it will be richer and possess more colours.


Fraser uses his profound knowledge of body mechanics to help you develop the hand power and coordination you need to create that sound. His many decades' observation of Kemal Gekic in the light of Feldenkrais Method and his ongoing work with Phil Cohen have allowed Fraser to come up with practical, effective ways of bringing ordinary pianists closer to the extraordinary in sound and expression. Fraser's approach does also happen to be injury-preventative, but injury prevention is is not the goal: it's merely a welcome side-effect.


Fraser meets you on your own terms, never 'dummying down' his approach but devising a tailor-made strategy that will advance your ability no matter what your level. The Institute is open to all interested pianists: performing professionals, university students, studio teachers and enthusiastic amateurs both young and old...




FELDENKRAIS METHOD - Each day your individual lesson is supplemented by a group Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class that helps you feel in your whole body the sense of coordination you need in your hands. The combination of ATM and piano is unique to Fraser's approach.


OBSERVATION - students learn much by watching others grapple with the same problems and hearing how others transform their sound. The experience is communal. with lively discussions and exchanges over coffee or dinner - we all grow in our understanding together.


INJURY PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION - if you suffer from performance injury, Fraser's combination of pure hands-on Feldenkrais lessons and work at the piano will improve your condition in a way that simply can¹t be found elsewhere.


VIDEO REVIEW OPTION - all lessons are recorded on video at the participant's request, for later review. So much information and experience is acquired over the six days that it cannot possibly all be digested on the spot; the videos facilitate the valuable post-Institute development process. Videos are for private viewing only and are not used for any other purpose without the express consent of each participant.


Each day Alan Fraser gives:
---- a group Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Class
---- a seminar-lecture on specific aspects of piano technique.
---- a piano lesson to each ACTIVE PARTICIPANT (45-60 min.)

AUDITORS take full part in all activities and observe all individual lessons.




This is your chance to experience Fraser's teaching first hand, and develop the potent ideas of Craft of Piano Method further in your own playing and teaching. Don't miss this rare opportunity to work with one of the pre-eminent master teachers of the piano world. There is no need to settle for an assistant or disciple teacher - all active Institute participants work directly with Professor Fraser.