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(Maple Grove Music Productions 2010, 425 pp.)


New insights into advanced technique empower amateurs and intermediates as well


The sequel to The Craft of Piano Playing shifts the focus of your technique: from the foundational security of the hand’s innate structure and function you'll move into a new, sophisticated state – unstable equilibrium – to gain an even finer control over the colours and emotion you produce at the piano. You'll acquire an even greater freedom while losing none of your power, whose refinement actually increases through this process of functional evolution. Honing also relates unstable equilibrium in the hand to a similar state in the body, showing how a harmonious whole-body relationship to the field of gravity is a crucial support to the empowered hand on the keyboard.


Relates Feldenkrais Method to piano technique


In Honing the Pianistic Self-Image, the link to Feldenkrais Method is even clearer than it was in Craft.  it includes several full-length Awareness Through Movement lessons linking hand function to whole body organization.


Links musicianship to piano technique


Honing is not only about technique but musicianship as well – ‘physical’ chapters are balanced out by those dealing with specifically musical issues, where Fraser links the idea of skeletality to rhythm (music's skeleton), phrasing (its flesh), harmonic colour and orchestration (its skin).


Sonya Ardan has once again turned her keen eye to sketching Fraser’s hand in attitudes that evoke not just numerous unexplored possibilities of position but also of gesture – the hand in movement.


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