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This piano technique video will:


  • Free your hand from stress by accessing its innate, structural potency.
  • Teach your hand to move powerfully and accurately by honing skeletal alignments.
  • Increase awareness of your hand's skeletal structure through "sensory-motor learning."
  • Develop an intelligent hand – one with integrity, strength and suppleness.


A piano technique DVD developed to meet public demand


When Alan Fraser's groundbreaking book on piano technique appeared in 2003 there was an immediate demand for a video version. Many pianists found his approach to piano technique both potent and empowering, but wanted a more palpable and musically relevant presentation than the printed page could achieve – and so in 2006, The Craft of Piano Playing DVD was released. Eight chapters with 70 subchapters guide you through the key points of Craft of Piano Playing Method, and the detailed menus make navigation to your favourite parts of the film a breeze.


The highest professional production values of any piano technique video


  • 90-minute colour film in English: PAL & NTSC formats, menus and subtitles in French and German, all regions compatible.
  • Fraser is an "engaging and informative host" (International Piano, UK) whose congenial camera presence will always entertain you – his wry sense of humour often helps illustrate a point.


The Craft of Piano Playing helps all pianists:

  • professional classical pianists.
  • piano teachers and professors.
  • university piano students.
  • adult amateur pianist.
  • beginning pianists both young and old.
  • jazz pianists.
  • pop keyboardists.
  • non-pianists as well, offering new, practical insights into hand function for computer operators and others with tendonitis.



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